Bella Mondo Images is Committed to show  that there is beauty in everything in this world.  To capture photographs of everyday place, but with a point of view not normally seen. To show places and objects that make people think about our world differently
Pets by Bella Mondo Images is committed to help rescue pets, so we have partnered with local animal shelters/rescues. It has been shown that professional pictures increases the changes of pets being adopted when they appear on Social Media.
Pets by Bella Mondo Images is also committed to help families preserve memories of our beloved pets. Our pets bring us joy, try our patience, and break our hearts. Why not preserve these moments with a professional pet portrait.
I have been a photographer for over 40 years and a professional photographer for the past 12.  Our original focus is to show everyday places in a way that has not been seen before. To boldly go where not other photographer would have thought to go. 
Since my retirement in 2019, our additional focus is to assist in the adoption of animals from local pet rescues and also to provide for owner a professional portrait of their furbabies.
Our 2020 Craft show lineup has been announced. We will be at the following show:
2020 Art in the Park-Lilac Festival-Highland Park CANCELLED-see you next year
2020 Art in the Park-Lilac Festival-Highland Park CANCELLED-See you next year
Brockport Art Festival-Brockport- 8-9 August
Clothesline Art Festival-Memorial Art Gallery-12-13 Sept
RHAFT Food Cupboard Sale-Dome Arena 3-4 October

John M Esposito